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Freebird Rides

Get Cash-Back and Rewards for Using Uber & Lyft

Freebird Rides is a digital platform that offers Uber and Lyft riders cash-back incentives for their rides. This allows consumers to save money while dining out. And for businesses to bring consumers right to their door. Freebird needed to develop and scale their mobile platform, so they partnered with Diamond.

Product Challenge

Freebird Rides’ proposition was to effectively drive consumers to participating businesses while rewarding consumers with cash back incentives. To realize the full experience for both the business marketplace and the consumer, Freebird Rides needed to secure Series A funding. To do that, they needed to build out their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with Diamond’s help.

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  • Scalability
  • Implementation
  • Quality Assurance

Strategy & Solution

In building out the MVP, Diamond had to carefully consider all of the features that would satisfy a multi-sided marketplace. For the consumer side, the app had to provide a seamless integration with Uber and Lyft and deliver a great user experience. For the business side, the app created a digital experience that allows them to to attract new traffic while simultaneously rewarding customer loyalty. Additionally, Diamond had to ensure that the app was scalable and could grow as Freebird Rides grows.

An App that gives you free Uber Rides? We're in! FreeBird Rides
Freebird Rides
Our platform has been diligently developed, carefully crafted, and rigorously reiterated to fulfill our needs. We know that we would not exist if it weren’t for Diamond and their incredible efforts. The entire Freebird team is thoroughly committed to ensuring our customers complete satisfaction. Working with Diamond helped our company commit to excellence and provide success in our purpose.
— Anthony Wentzel, Founder & CEO, FreebirdRides.com


Freebird Rides was able to secure funding to support its rapidly growing national platform. It has successfully helped businesses communicate directly with target customers through an authentic digital experience. And at the same time, they gave consumers a convenient and easy-to-use tool built with safety in mind.

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