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FOX Listing Alert Generator (FLAG)

With over 200 affiliate stations across the U.S., FOX handles the episode guide for thousands of listings each week. FOX ingests, processes, and transforms the listing data from several different content management systems, all of which feed into the APIs that deliver content to FOX’s sites and connected devices.

Riding on the success of a new FOX.com redesign, FOX sought Diamond’s support to build an internal tool to support the Content Operations team in navigating the tumultuous metadata review process with the goal of streamlining the review process through automation.

Product Challenge

With limited resources and budget, FOX needed to reduce costs while also improving the accuracy of program listings for customers. After our successful work, FOX reached out to us for a tool that was flexible enough to iterate on future requirements based on contractual obligations and world events.


Considering that many live sporting events may run ahead of schedule, or may be cancelled or otherwise postponed, the alert detections needed to be flexible enough to accommodate these situations. To prevent any listing errors in all 227+ stations, FOX needed to change their approach of manually reviewing episode listing metadata for accuracy by scaling up and automating those processes for any future EPG expansion.

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A computer shows the FOX Flag user interface.

Strategy & Solution

Diamond worked with FOX to audit the existing content management systems to create a glossary of metadata definitions, as well as to compare and contrast the available data from the different systems. From there, the Diamond design team and product owners worked with FOX stakeholders to identify user story requirements for the Content Operations team based on existing pain points and a wish list of items for a new reporting dashboard. Diamond and FOX identified key objectives and goals for the first iteration of FLAG, with missing imagery and missing descriptions being the highest priority.

FLAG was built with ReactJS on the front end and AWS Lambdas for the ingestion of listing data on the back end. With ReactJS and Bootstrap styles, Diamond created an intuitive interface with little effort so that we could focus development effort on the detection logic. Diamond provided product oversight and development guidance to deliver an internal tool that met the needs of their stakeholders / users with regards to data validation. Since its inception, FLAG now has detections for over 20 different metadata error types in production.

Three mockups of the FOX Flag application screens are shown.
The value that Diamond has brought to Fox CPE speaks volumes about their professionalism and innovative culture. They find joy in proving themselves by implementing quality features quickly especially when capacity is at risk. The FLAG team is small but strong!
— Drena Lewis, Product Manager, FLAG


The solution has detected over 1 million listing errors to ensure viewers did not receive incorrect information in the guide. These errors get manually fixed in FOX’s content management system by content operations once they are alerted from FLAG. The tool has been instrumental in supporting the content operations team to stay on top of listing errors before they hit production.

  • 1M + Error Detections in Listings
  • 227 Affiliate Listings Supported
Delivered a first iteration within three months to support 24/7 listings.

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