What is Inbound Marketing: How to Make Money with a Blog [Part 1]

What is Inbound Marketing

2015, is an important year for online marketing strategies, as the trends from the most current years have evolved and momentum has been building since, with thousands of businesses from all levels dabbling in content creation. This year, there will be thousands of new business blogs, meaning there will be millions of new articles created in the following months and other content nuggets hidden throughout the web. Survey says that more and more businesses are learning how to make money with a blog, sounds simple, right? It actually kind of is, with the right tools, of course. So, how can businesses make sure they rank, and don’t get lost in the content creation shuffle? Let’s talk about the world of Inbound Marketing, and What is Inbound Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Perhaps more important than the actual content itself, is having a clear Marketing Strategy. It’s the equivalent of showing up with a knife to a gun fight, if you haven’t already detailed who you want to target, you’re over compensating and over-reaching, when you should be targeting your customers with all of your marketing efforts.

Having a detailed buyer persona answers all the questions you’ll be asking yourself throughout creating your marketing strategy, with variables including everything from age range, and role of your target customer, to what challenges they face, as well as seemingly smaller, yet important details like your client’s annual income, and educational background. Another part of developing your marketing strategy is all that no-so-fun, but, important research and organization, including editorial calendars, budgeting, and scheduling. 

Content Marketing

Ah, content marketing, the Marcia Brady of any online marketing strategy, namely Inbound Marketing, and truly where many marketers should be focusing their efforts. In order to gain any of that sweet, sweet traffic your company website craves, you need to deliver high quality, educational, and actionable content to your prospective customers – it’s truly the foundation of Inbound Marketing.

Your goal in content marketing is to be perceived as a company more than just knowledge of your industry, but an in-depth knowledge, combined with the expertise to be able to answer the questions your customers need answers to. Remember Buyer Personas? You’ll be writing and creating content for these guys. Create all of your content with your target customer in mind, for a truly solid online marketing strategy. 

If you’re sitting here reading the word content being repeated over and over, and have no idea what I mean by it, we’re talking about blog posts, and by properly marketing it on the possible channels, your content pieces will flourish. Think outside the box, and get active on discussions, and forums on sites like LinkedIn. Guest blogging is another fabulous way to not only build your reputation, but to strengthen your brand and ties, and finally, to drive traffic to your website.

Inbound Marketing is a meaty subject, and there’s far too much information for just the one blog post. If you can’t wait for the next installment of What is Inbound Marketing, click below for your tutorial and introduction into the wonderful world of Inbound Marketing.

How can Tweeting, Pinning, and Blogging help your business gain new leads?

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