2020 State of Accessibility Report

Written with the digital community in mind, the annual SOAR report strives to assess what the current state of accessibility is, so that we may track it over time and make sure it improves yearly.

2020 State of Accessibility Report

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    2019 State of Accessibility Report

    2019 Diamond’s State of Accessibility Report

    In 2019, Diamond launched their first State of Accessibility Report along side “Take the #GAADPledge” a commitment made by organizations and developers to make accessibility a core value of their project. Get up to speed with the 2019 report – download last year’s report today!

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    Join Diamond in the #GAADPledge

    Global Accessibility Awareness Day is the day to get everyone thinking, talking and learning about digital access, inclusion and people with different disabilities. Be a part of positive change by joining Diamond in the #GAADPledge today. Learn more about the GAAD Pledge at diamond.la/GAADPledge.