Smart Goal Setting for your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing Strategy

When it comes to the details of your Inbound Marketing Strategy, it helps to have a guide. That’s why we’re here! One of the most important part of any campaign or strategy is having a plan in place that detail what the gioals are, so you, and your employees can stay on track. 

We know you know at least a few of the ingredients of a functioning strategy, but we also know that detailing each step is a lot more helpful than taking a stab in the dark. If you’re new here, and new to the world of Inbound Marketing, check out What is Inbound Marketing? 

The SMART Method

Think about why you want to implement an Inbound Marketing Strategy in the first place – don’t be shy, your answer will likely align with everyone else, seeing as the goal for most is to drive more traffic, gain notoriety, and finally, to generate a ROI

In order to achieve any of your goals, every person should start with developing their SMART goals.

SMART is an acronym for: 


You need to have a clear goal, that cannot be misinterpreted. It’s vital to make sure that your goals are communicated and relay why it’s important, who is involved, and the steps neccessary to take.

Your goal should be qualtifyable, or measureable, with information laying out how you will measure progress.

Make sure your goals are realistic, and able to be carried out. Unrealistic goals will yield unrealistic expectations.

Remember that your goal should resinate in your company, and address core initiatives.

There should be timelines in place to assure that you reach your goal by a certain time, and that you’ve allowed a timeline for your employees.

Consider the Variables

When you create an Inbound Marketing Strategy or Marketing Plan, it forces you to think beyond your usual scope. Companies of all sizes all began their efforts with a plan, and Coca Cola is no different. The company that slings happiness, not soda, has their very own Enviormental Goal to hit by 2020.Inbound Marketing StrategyNow obviously Coca Cola’s plan is going to differ from your own, – not to mention, I doubt Coca Cola would put their personal marketing strategy on the web. The point is, this is a clear example of Goal Setting that Coca Cola has established, and will work to achieve. If you think back to your SMART checklist, you can easily align the infographic to each step in SMART Goals clearly. Additionally, look at the sheer erray of variables they have laid out for everyone to see. The more work you put into detailing the nitty gritty details of your SMART Goal Setting, the easier time you’ll have ultimately achieveing them.

Self Evaluation

Before you have your strategy good to go, it’s imparative that you remember to assess your company’s current position. This may not be your first time creating a Marketing Plan, what worked and what didn’t from your previous arrangements? 

  • Locate your site’s analytics and check your current traffic from organic and referrals
  • Check how many Inbound leads that have taken an interest in your business
  • Assess how many sales your company has closed

This is all valuable information that will act as a benchmark for present and future efforts. Pat yourself on the back, because not having an Marketing Strategy in place is one of the hugest setbacks for businesses – and you’re halfway there!

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