DataStax Cassandra Days: Los Angeles 2015

Cassandra Days

DataStax’s event, “Cassandra Dayss Los Angeles” was buzzing last week, held in downtown Los Angeles at the Westin Bonaventure. This was the first stop on a brand new world tour for DataStax, the increasingly more popular NoSQL database. Cassandra Days will be hitting up a few more major cities in North America, then heading abroad to Europe and even Australia.

There was something for everyone, with three separate tracks based on each user’s level of involvement:

Cassandra Days

Cassandra Days

Each track was tailored to  specific type of user, with use cases and presentations by a range of companies who implement Apache Cassandra, including Hulu, Microsoft Azure, GumGum, and Bad JuJu.

Getting Started with Cassandra Session

– Get trained on Apache Cassandra for free
– Go from zero to dangerous in just a few hours
– Start your path to Apache Cassandra certification

Tech Deep Dive & Use Cases Session

– Learn real-world use cases from other Cassandra users
– Learn more about advances topics like Apache Spark and security from DataStax experts
– Network with Apache Cassandra users and evangelists Internet

Executive Summit

Join the internet Enterprise Executive Summit happening concurrently with the Cassandra days to learn more about the business value of bringing new technologies like Apache Cassandra in your organization.

A Personalized Experience with Netflix

Become an Internet Enterprise with DataStax, while meant for beginners or those looking to implement DataStax in their stack it was an incredibly interesting and informative presentation by Amy McNee of DataStax. The presentation highlighted some of the company’s features, benefits and areas in the industry where other databases simply don’t measure up. Probably the most memorable information was on one of DataStax’s most notable clients, leading streaming media giant, Netflix, who have made incredible strides regarding personalization.

Netflix* wasn’t always the giant they are today, and DataStax allowed for that progression, and the company was able to grow considerably seamlessly, where previous databases failed and without downtime. One interesting statistic mentioned in this presentation was about how Netflix’s more recent allowance of multiple profiles made the user’s experience truly personal by offering titles, watch history and just about any other data per profile available. While a seemingly simple feature upgrade in the eyes of many, this increased Netflix’s activity by five times.

*Note: Since published, numbers on this use case have increased.

Other Notable Presentations

Hybrid Cloud & Microsoft Azure with DataStax Enterprise

Cassandra at Hulu: Extreme Availability

Bad Juju Games: Five Years of Cassandra Experience for Online Gamings

Current DataStax Clients

Of course, not all clients could attend or hold presentations, but check out the impressive roster DataStax holds and see more use cases here.

Cassandra Days

Cassandra Days Sponsors

Cassandra Days Cassandra Days Cassandra Days

Check out DataStax and their future events – coming to a city near you to see if their platform is right for you. Cassandra Dayss is an incredible opportunity for equal parts education and networking, and the contacts I met were nothing short of nice and incredibly helpful. Two thumbs up! 

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