Is Your Digital Presence Inclusive?

What you don’t know can hurt your users (& your organization).

Are You Living Up to Your Organization’s Values?

Non-inclusive companies earn the ire they create (and all too often that they deserve). Inclusive companies earn customer loyalty.
Do you really want to be amongst the former?

Are You Exposing Your Organization to Risk?

You don’t launch mission-critical applications without QA, Load Testing or Security Testing. Reduce your organization’s risk by applying similar diligence to your accessibility.

Are You Leaving Opportunities on the Table?

Do you realize the opportunities that you are leaving on the table when your website and/or application are inaccessible to all of your potential customers?

The Diamond Approach

Diamond’s Accessibility Practice is world class. From discovery to implementation, Diamond’s experts will integrate themselves with your team to identify and execute solutions to meet industry accessibility standards.


  • Integrate with your team onsite to evaluate your current systems issues with accessibility
  • Evaluate your workflow
  • Understand your software development process
  • Provide and prioritize a list of risks


  • Identify and execute solutions to meet accessibility standards
  • Begin QA and implement solutions
  • Modify the code to be WCAG compliant
  • We will take a deep dive into system problems

Training & Sustainability

  • Train your internal team on process and flow
  • How do you make this a part of your process?
  • What is your longer-term plan?
  • Is Accessibility a part of your plan?

Diamond’s Solutions

Diamond offers solutions that not only solve the accessibility barriers your users are experiencing today, we can assist you in developing an accessibility-aware culture that prevents accessibility barriers before they happen.

Embedded Accessibility

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Hours spent planning, designing and building systems accessibly can save you 10-100x the effort removing existing barriers later.

Guided Remediation

Making websites and applications accessible requires more than having a list of issues to correct. It requires an experienced team that knows what will better users access to your site or app.

Training & Education

Your present team has the opportunity to become your “first response” team for creating systems that enable all of your users while minimizing unnecessary risk to your organization.

Reviews & Audits

From just-in-time assessments to exhaustive audits, Diamond can give you a clear picture of your current accessibility barriers to better put you on the road to a more inclusive future.

2019 State of Accessibility Report

2020 State of Accessibility Report

What has changed since our 2019 report. What has the industry learned. Where has it faltered? Are we on the road to a more accessible future?

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